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Anya Berry, Hypnotherapist, Certified  QEC practitioner and Advanced EFT practitioner

Are you wanting to reclaim yourself, and to embody the person that you truly are?  Is there some fear holding you back? Maybe you feel not enough and just don't know how to feel better?

Have your life circumstances changed, leaving you feeling lost? Do you have a feeling inside that there is a part of you that wants to shine, but there are some obstacles that are holding you back? 

It is time to shine and to live the life that you want to live In the sessions , we uncover the blocks to you living a more empowered, loving  and joyful life. 

My name is Anya, and I have been studying different modalities of healing for many years. I discovered EFT (emotional freedom techniques) and Matrix Reimprinting 16 years ago. I have studied the teachings of Dr Joe Dispenza.  I am also qualified in Quantum Energy Coaching annd also  advanced QEC for Crisis, Trauma and Addiction.

My focus now is to support women to be aligned with their mind, body and spirit and to live their life, feeling free to love  themselves.  


"I've had two Quantum Energy Coaching sessions with Anya and after each one felt that something profound had shifted in a way it's difficult to articulate. My emotional state, perspective and understanding shifted and I was able to manage relationship and life issues differently. At the same time, synchronous events occurred which allowed things to move on in my life positively.

I felt very heard, supported and safe working with Anya and the technique worked for me. I would definitely go again." 


"I have had regular QEC sessions with Anya. I always look forward to our time together. Even when we work on difficult and painful feelings, Anya creates a safe and supportive space and I feel absolute trust in her. Anya is sensitive and intuitive. She really hears your story and is incredibly validating and empathetic. Through QEC, Anya has helped me on a journey of reflection and self-discovery.

She has helped me to create a different narrative and shifted negative beliefs. We have gone to places I didn’t even know I needed to go and Anya has skilfully helped me to navigate this.

Anya works in a very gentle but powerful way. I would not hesitate to recommend her."


"I had the chance to experience several sessions of QEC with Anya. 

It helped me to change some deep beliefs that were anchored in my subconscious, preventing me from being my true self. 

During the session, I truly appreciated the feeling and the impact on myself, I felt relaxed, my mind could calm down. The process is simple and I enjoyed not trying to do anything, but letting things change on their own."


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