Meet Anya

Certified Advanced QEC practitioner and Advanced EFT practitioner

I started my career as a special needs teacher until 2 events changed me forever in 1984/85. My father was killed and I had a serious head and neck injury which stopped me from working and led me to reevaluate my life .

It started me on my healing and spiritual journey going to events such as at alternatives in  St James church London in 1985, studying all sorts of healing, and reading spiritual and healing books.  I studied Louise Hay and spent hours saying affirmations, not realising that saying them to the conscious mind wasn't really making a  difference! I know now from Bruce Lipton that we are operating from our subconscious mind 95%  of the time and affirmations won't actually work on their own.

A trip to India for my “gap year” at the age of 30 resulted in me meeting my future husband in the Himalayas, and I went on to have 4 children with him, living in India for some of that early time. As a parent, I wanted the best for my children and studied and joined a continuum group based on the book 'The continuum concept' by Jean Liedloff. I wanted to bring up my children in an attached, bonded way. I didn't know then that the trauma I was still carrying was having an effect on them anyway! I had a very strict, conventional  upbringing and many traumatic experiences. 


I have always been interested in healing. I have been studying different modalities for many years, including reflexology, shiatsu and transcendental meditation. I discovered EFT (emotional freedom techniques) 12 years ago and Matrix Reimprinting, a deeper form of EFT. I was going through a painful divorce at the time, and using this healing modality gave me a way to heal and recover. I also worked with clients at this time and loved seeing how EFT helped them and the progress they made.

Four years ago I discovered Dr. Joe Dispenza and followed a time of self-exploration of meditation and changing my thoughts. I walked as my future self, meditated daily and felt elevated emotions such as joy and love. I also went on 3 week-long retreats. I found it hard to sustain this way of being at other times, and had all these negative thoughts going around in my head. 

There was a missing link, which I now know to be feeling present in my body, fully embodied and in touch with my feelings. As well as taking the time to heal my traumas. I further discoverd that toxic shame was spresent , making me feel worthless and  flawed 


I never really established myself as a  practitioner even though I worked with individuals, helped children at school, and ran workshops. There was always something holding me back and I didn’t know what it was.  I now realise shame, and some serious limiting beliefs were the reason!

In 2020 I started hearing about QEC, Quantum Energy Coaching, and was excited to do the training.  It took me back to old traumas and negative experiences, I thought I had healed before and also uncovered limiting beliefs I didn't even know I had! I cleared trauma once and for all from my memory, and I started to feel more positive emotions such as joy and love. I grew in confidence and my nervous system regulated resulting in me feeling relaxed and present. I have a spark about me and a passion for life now. 

As well as QEC I learned about somatic practices and how to be emobodied and self-regulated when necessary.

I read books such as Peter Levine, Gabor Mate, and studied the vagus nerve, polyvagal theory and how to be embodied.

I was holding beliefs like I'm not good enough, I'm unlovable, it's not safe to go out in the world as well as many other fears holding me back. With QEC you can transform all those, choosing new empowering and meaningful statements for you.


My focus now is to support people to be aligned with their mind, body and spirit and live their life, feeling free to be themselves. We know that living under stress you can feel overwhelmed, fearful, anxious and cannot live your best life. Your nervous system goes into fight or flight or freeze when there is unresolved trauma. Our health and wellbeing is vitally important for ourselves. We need a self-regulated nervous system where we can be aligned to ourselves with our goals and dreams. Releasing trauma and letting go of negative self-beliefs is part of that. With QEC we can heal the trauma, so it doesn't affect you anymore.and rewire your brain with positive beliefs into the subconscious . I can support you for this to happen with the help of QEC.