What is QEC?

"We do not perform to our capabilities, we perform to our beliefs"

- Dr. Melanie Salmon


QEC is a cutting edge form of coaching therapy. It was develpoed by Dr Melanie Salmon, who is a medical doctor, gestalt psychotherpist and trauma specialist. QEC embodies the latest developments in Neuroscience, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Epigenetics, Quantum Physics and  Cardiac Breathing.

The cell biologist and expert on epigenetics, Bruce Lipton, has demonstrated that we operate from the subconsious mind 95% of the time. Our deepest beliefs can come from the subconsious, including how we view ourselves and the world around us.  We can form those beliefs in the the first seven years of our lives. For example, if a child was neglected by their caregiver, they might have difficulties that occur in adult life to do with trust and the feeling of being unloved or even abanded, which could effect their relationships to those around them. The latest research shows that the brain possesses an incredible capacity to create new connections and reorganise pathways, called neuroplasticity. This enables us to rewire new beliefs and positve emotions . 

During the QEC sessions we use a combination of:

  • Gestalt Inquiry – to clarify issues. A time to  share and discuss your story, allowing you to feel heard and validated . Focusing on the outer layers of the onion first, before moving to deep issues.

  • Focused Intention – to install new beliefs

  • Brain Gym – to facilitate learning at a deep level

  • Cardiac Coherence – to set the energy field appropriate for core learning

  • Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis – to develop new neural pathways in the brain


I guide you through this process, and give you the space to disover what you want to be and feel, and which new beliefs you want to embody. In the sessions I provide a space where you can really discover the link between past traumas and how they are holding you back, and how you want to move forward. Once you discover the new beliefs and feelings that you want to be, it is a simple process to rewire them in to your subconsious. 

With QEC you can heal yourself in an empowering way.  It works well with stress, anxiety, addictions, shame, childhood traumas, depression and beliefs such as" I am not good enough".